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by Polyglot Stuart Jay Raj

Evading the Foreigner Speak Trap when Learning a New Language

Going to a Country to Learn a Language Doesn’t Ensure You Will Learn It Like They Speak It

Are you aware that when you go to a country and learn the language spoken there, that the language you learn might not be the ‘real’ language spoken? I put this clip together on avoiding falling into the ‘Foreigner Talk’ trap.

  • Tomas

    Most excellent lesson! Alongside with all the others. :)
    Though in the end I can’t really hear if you are saying:
    “พูดเป็น หรือเปล่า” (which seems most logical) or something else. It sounds something like “พูดเป็นเป่า” (which I’ve never heard before) Is this more how they pronounce it?

  • Tomas

    (Oops, I meant of course to write “พูดไทยเป็นหรือเปล่า”)


    I totally agree, going to a country to learn the language of that country does not ensure that we will become perfect in that language and learn that language the same way as they speak. Nice video!