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Chinese English Thai – Language Reveals Another World Hidden in Plain View – Same Sign Different Message

by Stuart Jay Raj on March 22, 2013

How do You Know What You Are Experiencing is What Everyone Else Is?

Watch this Clip First

So many expats that I meet in China, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries around the region tell me that they get around just fine without knowing the local language. I suppose that is a fair enough statement. It’s a bit like the movie The Matrix though. Once you’ve had a taste of being ‘out’ of the matrix, it’s hard to go back as you realise a whole new DIFFERENT world going on around you that wasn’t apparent before.

This clip is based on a sign in Chinese, English and Thai that tells different messages depending on the audience … though the ultimate outcome would most likely be the same because of cultural reasons.

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    I watched the video, its quite interesting to see a sign in Chinese, English and Thai that tells different messages.

  • Ian

    When a parent with young children we were told children would do and remember things if they were told in positive way. This psychology seems to get lost in the adult world. This sign tells me why I can visit Thailand and everything seems to run smoothly with far less regulation than in Australia. I am trying to learn Thai and am finding the process a bit daunting but strangely relaxing… you have to start somewhere…

  • lingholic

    Great example you gave in the video, Stuart. I also especially liked the analogy you made in your post with the movie The Matrix. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Once you’ve had a taste of being “out” of the Matrix, it’s hard to go back.

    I think people who say they don’t “need” to learn the local language simply say so because they don’t realize what they’re missing. All in all, great post!

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