The Whitening of Asia

The Whitening of Asia

“I’m not Racist – It’s Just a Cultural Thing” …

Watch this video reel first that I have put together with English Subtitles –

Does Media Influence Culture, or is Media just a Reflection of Culture?

Bears Changing Colour over 10.4 Million WeeksI have run cultural workshops across Asia for over 15 years now. It never ceases to fascinate to see the different reactions that these kinds of commercials receive from different cultured audiences.

Many expats in Thailand don’t really watch Thai TV. When they do, while the visuals are often shocking, when you get the innuendo and the subtleties that only the language can provide, it is even more shocking … or maybe not.

I have put this reel together of four commercials to give the English speaking world a taste of what’s ‘par for the course’ when it comes to racial PC in Thailand.

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  • Lucas

    It’s very interesting to see that pretty much nobody pronounced a single word about this issue

  • Hillary Newton

    It’s interesting because it’s everywhere. Colorism is world wide just done in different ways. It’s dispiriting though… Kinda weird to me. Always has been. For instance, how can I dislike someone based on skin color, it’s like not liking someone bases on eye color. Genetically your working with MC1R or TYRP1… so people don’t like someones genes? Weird…