In Defense of Accused People Smugglers – ABC TV story on Stuart Jay Raj and David Svoboda’s Work

ABC Newsline FEATURE: People smuggling: from the village to the courts On one recent People Smuggling mission in Banten province, West Java Indonesia, ABC Reporter Auskar Surbakti came along for the ride and filed this story. Transcript There’s a growing outcry over mandatory sentences for Indonesian boat crew convicted of people smuggling offences in Australia. […]


Anyone Struggling With Tones Will Benefit From This Clip There’s Nothing Mysterious About Tones ‘I can’t learn a tonal language like Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese – I’m tone deaf!’ If that were the case, does that mean that tone deafness only afflicts people who don’t speak tonal languages? I have wanted to make this clip […]


This is Why I Love Learning Languages – Villagers in Banten, Indonesia Teach me Bahasa Sunda

Try and Watch This Clip Without Smiling This Is Why I Love Learning Languages – Many people ask me how I go about learning languages. As you can see from this clip, I never let an opportunity go to waste! This clip isn’t in the same vain as many of my other clips, but I […]


Is There More Than Just You and Me? – Getting past Khun คุณ Phom ผม and ดิฉัน DiChan in Thai

What Should I Call You? … Hang On … What Should I Call ME? Have you ever wanted to know how to swear or insult someone in Thai?   Have you ever wondered why you never hear Thais really use ‘Khun’ คุณ and ‘Phom’ ผม or ‘DiChan’ ดิฉัน when they’re talking amongst themselves?   In […]


The Link Between Music, Improvisation and Language by Polyglot Stuart Jay Raj

In this clip, I take it out on a bit of a different tangent and link the topic of Language and Mind Mastery in with my other passion – Music and JAZZ! I will show you how to me, language and music are one in the same – that is, creating meanings with sounds. When […]


Mastering the use of การ ‘kan’ and ความ ‘khwam’ to Exponentially Expand Your Thai Vocabulary

There aren’t many sentences in Thai that don’t contain the word / particle การ ‘kan’ or ความ ‘khwam’.  These two particles have meanings of their own, but can also be considered your Swiss Army Knife of nouns in Thai.  You can take almost any word or concept and add one of these babies to them […]


Revealing Stuart Jay Raj’s Deepest Polyglot Secrets … Welcome to My Library

“You have a natural talent for languages, that’s why you can learn them so well” BOLLOCKS! … It comes from first having a passion about them and then putting in the hard hours. For the first time I have decided to shoot a clip of that which holds my deepest, darkest secrets and is indeed […]


The People Smugglers – Scum of the Earth Mr. Rudd?

Define Ignorant? Crown Prosecutor: “The Afghani men were standing on either side of you in the boat’s cabin making sure you steered the boat after the captain and his assistant jumped off the boat into the water near Kupang?” Defendant: “Yes” Crown Prosecutor: “What about before the captain jumped off the boat, were the Afghan […]

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