Your Dog Can Help Coach Your Tones when Learning a Tonal Language

“You Speak So Well!” Have you ever been learning a language like Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese and received a compliment in the very beginning stages along the lines of “You speak so well!” While providing that much needed motivation to keep going in the language, receiving such compliments can start to be detrimental to your […]


Why Do Many Asian Languages Mix Up ‘R’ and ‘L’?

When I was a kid in a much less politically correct world, I used to love watching ‘Get Smart’ episodes after school.  There was a Chinese villain in the series named ‘The Claw’ who had a claw for a hand who would always end up in crazy back and forth ‘Who’s on first’ like discussion […]


How to Develop Thought Fluency in a Foreign Language

One of the most powerful skills you as a language learner could hope to develop is the ability to think directly in the language that you’re learning without having to go through your mother tongue. I call this ‘thought fluency’, and it is the core skill that I aim to get kicking into action from […]


Introducing Cracking Thai Fundamentals (CTF) ‘The Book’

(Order your copy of Cracking Thai Fundamentals here – CTF is the Product of 16 Years of Work After 16 years of developing my Cracking Thai Fundamentals programme, today is a big milestone. This video above is a clip of me unwrapping and giving a sneak peek inside the very first CTF book ever printed. […]

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