In Defense of Accused People Smugglers – ABC TV story on Stuart Jay Raj and David Svoboda’s Work

ABC Newsline FEATURE: People smuggling: from the village to the courts On one recent People Smuggling mission in Banten province, West Java Indonesia, ABC Reporter Auskar Surbakti came along for the ride and filed this story. Transcript There’s a growing outcry over mandatory sentences for Indonesian boat crew convicted of people smuggling offences in Australia. […]


Stuart Jay Raj – 101 East ‘The People Smugglers’ on Al Jazeera

Meeting with the Smugglers and the Smugglees – All are Victims (Watch the full documentary below) For those people who have been following my most recent often sporadic posts, you would know that language has taken me into the world of People Smugglers, particularly in Indonesia. I have just spent the past month or so […]


Learn a Language – Change the World Part 2 – No Money No Funny

Who Wants to Be A Refugee? In Part One ‘Unchartered Waters’, I gave an overview of how language had taken me to many weird and wonderful places.  There are many programmes and groups out there fighting to help and defend the rights of refugees. My views have changed a lot since working on these people […]