How to pronounce Initial Ng in Asian Languages – Stuart Jay Raj

Next to getting the tones right, the initial ‘Ng’ sound that is found in so many Asian languages proves to be one of the major pronunciation issues for non-Asian learners of ‘initial ng’ languages. The languages that have an initial NG sound include: Thai Lao Cantonese and other Chinese Languages / Dialects (especially southern dialects) Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Daerah (regional Indonesian / Malay languages) Tagalog and other languages of the Philippines Vietnamese Hill Tribe Languages in SE Asia This is not an exhaustive list. I put this clip together as part of the resources for my free Language and Mind Mastery Group at You can subscribe for free and gain these and many more cool tips, resources, lessons and my Language and Mind Mastery bulletin. If you liked this clip, then I’m sure you must know other people who would like it and benefit from it as well!… so feel free to pay it forward and pass it on to them. If you have any topics that you’d like me to cover regarding Language Learning and Mind Skills, let me know! Stuart Jay Raj

Stuart Jay Raj is a polyglot who specializes in the languages and dialects spoken in South East Asia and China. His talents have allowed him to earn a professional living as a simultaneous interpreter in Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Indonesian, among others, providing language and cultural training for multinational companies in the region and hosting his own TV programme on Thailand's Channel 5. He holds a degree in Cognitive and Applied Linguistics from Griffith University and has become an expert in the field of language acquisition with a strong track record of success. Stuart's background knowledge of Sanskrit, Khmer, Lao and various Chinese dialects and minority languages enables him to present a fascinating and unique perspective on the Thai language which makes everything fall logically into place.