Stuart Jay Raj TV Show เหนือชั้น 1000แปลก Taiwan 臺灣 Sexy Betel Nut Girls 檳榔西施 English Subs

Stuart Jay Raj TV Show เหนือชั้น 1000แปลก Taiwan 臺灣 Sexy Betel Nut Girls 檳榔西施 English Subs Languages: Thai ไทย, Mandarin Chinese中文 (漢語) เหนือชั้น1000แปลก – สาวสวยขายหมาก เหนือชั้นรอบโลก ที่ประเทศไต้หวัน สจวท เจ ราช พาไปพบ สาวๆ แต่งตัวเซ็กซี่แต่ขายหมาก?? Subtitles: English available via the Youtube desktop player. If subtitles dont appear straight away, click in the far bottom right hand corner subtitle box and select English. In this episode we go and meet the sexily clad ladies in Taipei and Taizhong that tout customers on the side of the road. For those in Thailand, such images might lead you to think of another trade, but these girls arent selling sexual services. At first when we went into try and get some footage of some of the Betel Nut stalls, none of the girls we approached would let us film in fear of what the repercussions would be from their bosses. Its a cut throat business there. Trying to take another tack, I asked one of the girls where her boss lived. She pointed his house out and I went and knocked on the door and introduced myself to him in Chinese and explained a little about what we were doing. He was very hospitable and went out of his way to take care of us. His wife was suffering from cancer, so along with the Betel Nuts, he also produced some of the freshest organic Watermelon Juice you could find in the city. The main girl in the clip Yaya is 19 years old and had been working there for around 2 years now. From speaking to her candidly, she seemed to earnestly be happy with her job and only had nice words to say about her boss. Perhaps a new face to an old trade in Thailand?

Stuart Jay Raj is a polyglot who specializes in the languages and dialects spoken in South East Asia and China. His talents have allowed him to earn a professional living as a simultaneous interpreter in Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Indonesian, among others, providing language and cultural training for multinational companies in the region and hosting his own TV programme on Thailand's Channel 5. He holds a degree in Cognitive and Applied Linguistics from Griffith University and has become an expert in the field of language acquisition with a strong track record of success. Stuart's background knowledge of Sanskrit, Khmer, Lao and various Chinese dialects and minority languages enables him to present a fascinating and unique perspective on the Thai language which makes everything fall logically into place.