Advanced Thai Fluency Tuition Package (50Hrs)

Advanced Thai Fluency Tuition Package (50Hrs)


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In this program we will develop advanced functional Thai fluency in speaking, presenting, reading and writing.

The program will be a combination of face-to-face sessions which can be done either in person, or via Skype / Hangouts sessions, as well as online learning modules.


  • Develop more native-like prosody in speaking in Thai;
  • Increase vocabulary, especially in areas that are relevant to performing duties in Thailand and / or with Thai officials;
  • Increase reading speed and fluency;
  • Gain a deeper understanding into semantic building blocks from Khmer, Sanskrit and other languages that will allow for more rapid acquisition of new, advanced vocabulary;
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the sound system in Thai;
  • Develop skills in understanding regional varieties of Thai and other Tai languages including Lao;


50Hrs (Combination of Face to face, online activities and assignment work)