Stuart Jay Raj in Brief

Speaking over 12 languages, Stuart combines his linguistic skills with facilitation, training and negotiation skills to make a potent package for achieving results in International Business.


Of mixed race, TV personality Stuart Jay Raj or ‘Jay’ has a fluent command in speaking, listening, reading and writing over 13 modern languages including Chinese dialects, Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Danish and Sign Language.  He has more than a passing familiarity in more than 15 other languages both modern and ancient and is proficient in several computer languages.  From working with offshore Oil & Gas projects to Miss Universe, Stuart’s ability to seamlessly communicate across cultures has become an invaluable asset for both multinational corporations and governments alike.


Stuart Jay Raj in Production

Racing against the Clock in Maresh Turkey

Stuart is a Television Host hosting programmes around the region in several languages including English, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin Chinese.

Stuart plays Jazz Piano with the Bangkok based ROL Jazz Trio and is also on the official interpreters team for Miss Universe.

From 2000 Stuart has been closely associated with the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand initially running his Cracking Thai Fundamentals programme to equip journalists to hit the ground running with Thai language and cultural skills.  Most recently Stuart has been a board member of the FCCT and today continues to extend his network of key players that shape the happenings in SE Asia.

Facilitation, Training and Coaching

Stuart is an internationally accredited Trainer and Facilitator and under his company Kognisens, consults and trains for Governments and Corporations in several languages around the globe.  Training programmes help participants develop both soft and hard skills covering areas including Leadership, Negotiations, Team Building, Simultaneous Interpreting, Key Account Management and Presentation Skills.

Through his experience with a diverse client base, Stuart has been trained in several disciplines in the Oil and Gas Industry, Modern Trade, Pharmaceutical Industry, Sustainable Development and HIV AIDS and works in conjunction with several agencies around the world as a buffer between western executives and local people in these fields.

More information on Stuart’s activities, TV shows, learning techniques and video clips demonstrating them can be found in Stuart’s popular Language and Mind Skills blog ‘Behind the Curtain’ at and on his Youtube ™ Channel at .


“Stuart’s background in teaching, marketing, translating and interpreting, music and computers are a testament to his multi-skilled versatility. Learning with Stuart is not a chore – his methods build an indelible understanding of ways to apply fundamental principles that underpin the paths by which we actually learn. And his methods for learning apply equally to the learning of language, music and applied technologies. In short, Stuart Raj’s methods reflect his sincere passion for the fulfilment of the human spirit”

Malcolm Smith

NALSAS Indonesian Project School of Languages and Linguistics

Griffith University – Brisbane, Australia