Here is the link to the ‘First Words’ word list for learning over 28 languages.

This list has been adapted from the list presented by Gabriel Wyner in his book “Fluency Forever”.  The list started as a personal project to help me get up to speed in a few of my weaker languages.  I then published it publicly to demonstrate how to take resources that someone else has provided and really run with it to squeeze as much learning out of it as possible.

Here’s the original article on the list explaining what it is and what it isn’t. Please read it first before making any comments on the shortcomings of the list.  I realise it is not a perfect list or a perfect tool.  It is one tool of many that can be useful to learners.

Now many people have joined the project.  The first step was to create the general framework of the table which is done.  I then used Google Sheet’s cheap and nasty ‘Google Translate’ function to get very rough (and most often erroneous) translations.

** UPDATE **

I have added several languages to the chart as well as increased the base word list.  This chart is far from comprehensive.  It was originally just something done for myself, wanting to take an available resource and exploit it for my own learning benefit.  Now, I am opening it up to anyone who is qualified to help correct the erroneous Google Translations for each language so that this can become a valuable resource to everyone.  Please email me at if you would like to be a contributing editor. The complete language list now is: English (en), Thai (th), Lao (lo), Khmer (km), Myanmar (my), Hindi (hi), Urdu (ur), Chinese Trad (zh-tw), Chinese Simp (zh-CN), Chinese Pinyin, Cantonese Jyutping, Vietnamese (vi), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Latin (la), Spanish (es), Portuguese (pt), Italian (it), French (fr), Russian (ru), Polish (pl), Hungarian (hu), Finnish (fi), Indonesian (id), Javanese (jw), Sundanese (su), Tagalog (tl), Danish (da), Norwegian (no), Swedish (sv), Farsi (fa), Arabic (ar), Turkish (tr), Sanskrit, Greek (Classical), Greek (gr) Modern.