Stuart Jay Raj
Linguist, author, cross-cultural business strategist and facilitator - competent to native in over 15 languages inc. Chinese langs, Thai, Bahasa, Spanish, Sanskrit and Danish.
MINDKRAFT Language Brain Builder
Language and Mind Mastery
Wire your Brain to Learn LanguagesExploiting Brain States for Enhanced Neuroplasticity Mindkraft Language - Brain Builder I is the first in a series of 'Brain Building' programmes developed by linguist Stuart Jay Raj
Creating a new Thai Name / Surname การตั้งชื่อ  ตั้งนามสกุล
I mentioned in the 'politeness' post the other day that I have been coaching a friend who is getting his Thai citizenship, so that he can get through the Interview process in Thai.
Polite vs. Less Than Polite Thai
I have been coaching a friend lately who is going for their Thai citizenship and is drilling interview scenarios to make sure that: 1. He responds appropriately; 2. He projects the right 'image'
'Gwà' กว่า is NOT the Same as '-er' in English - Black and White Words
In the spirit of controversial and thought provoking posts, I hope that the discussions spurred from this post will act as memory pegs for everyone and by the end of it, nobody will
Debunked - Thai is the Most Complicated Writing System (Part 2)
Why doesn't Thai use spaces? Surely it would be easier to read if spaces were put between words? Really? ... maybe you'll have a different opinion after watching this clip. If you haven't watched
Debunked: 'Thai is the World's Most Complicated Writing System' Part 1
There is one clip on Youtube that has probably done more to destroy the spirit of people learning Thai than any other. 'The World's Most Complicated Writing System' (Thai) by Youtuber Xidnaf came
Do you Learn to Understand or Learn to be Understood?
I'm sure there will be some differing opinions out there on this one, but for me personally, one of the things that I have seen really stunt learners' development of gaining a deep
How to Learn the Thai Script
Learning the Thai script - consonants, vowels, tones, tone markers ... I know this is probably preaching to the choir, flogging a dead horse - and many other overused idioms ... but as I read
Sounding Less 'Foreign' saying 'Sawat dee' สวัสดีครับ / ค่ะ
On the topic of Pitch Paradigms from mother tongues interfering with tones and prosody / natural sounding rhythms when speaking Thai, I've just put this visual representation together of how many learners of Thai
Unlearning Pitch Paradigms from our Mother Tongues
THE 'LISTING' PARADIGM ... 1→(N-1)=RISING ; N=FALLINGIf you're a native speaker of English or other European language, count to 10. ... ... Now count to 5 ... Chances are that you'll notice some subconscious 'Pitch
ใช่ 'châi' Does NOT Mean 'Yes' in Thai
Many new-comers to Thailand make the mistake of asking 'How do you say 'Yes' and 'No' in Thai?' The reality is that there's no such word as 'Yes' as we have it
When Writing Thai, Always Start with the Loop
When writing Thai letters, ALWAYS start from the location of the main loop - even in writing styles where the loop is missing, your pen will still start from that place. There are
How do you Start Learning A Language? - The First 2 Weeks
Language and Mind Mastery
How long does it take to learn a language? How fast can you learn Russian?  How much language can you learn in two weeks? If you've been following my posts and YouTube videos
Surgery Damaged my Vocal Cords - My Biggest Linguistic Challenge Yet
One of the worst things that could ever happen to a linguist / polyglot / facilitator / musician has just happened do me.  Spinal surgery has resulted in my vocal nerve being badly damaged and as

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