When I Fall In Love …. So how do you say that in Thai?

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How Foreigners translate the word 'Fall' is a good indication on where their Thai is at
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How Many Ways Is It Possible to Fall?

How do you say ‘fall’ in Thai? For people who have a little Thai under their belt – and even most Thais that speak English, the first word that will come to mind for the English word ‘FALL’ is the word ‘ตก’ tok.

I often hear non Thais learning Thai mistakenly use the word ‘Tok’ as a direct all purposes substitute for the English word ‘Fall’. You cannot do this.

In this clip, you’ll learn a lot more than just how to ‘Fall In Love’ in Thai. I really did the clip to make the point that I made in a clip several weeks ago ‘There’s no such word as ‘Yes’ in Thai’ – http://youtu.be/uRvvZnKvXdM

Dictionaries are at best, just a rough guide to what some words might be translated as in another language given certain conditions. Dictionaries can’t be relied on as a ‘be all’ answer to word translations. The best way to get the REAL way language is used is to elicit it from a native speaker under real life conditions… don’t ask them – observe them! If you ask them, I find that they will give you ‘standard’ answers that aren’t necessary the ‘best’ answers.

In this clip we look at the words:

  • ตก
  • ตกลง
  • หลง
  • หลงรัก
  • หลงทาง
  • เห่อ
  • บ้า
  • ล้ม
  • เป็นลม
  • หล่น
  • ล้น
  • ร่วง
  • หก
  • นมหก

At the very least, by the end of this clip, you’ll know what to say when someone’s showing a bit too much cleavage!


– BTW – in the clip, I mentioned the Thai word ‘heaven’ สวรรค์ and grabbing at words, I mentioned that the airport ‘Suwarnabhumi’ uses this word ‘heaven’. That is not correct – the word used for Suwarnabhumi is สุวรรณภูมิ – Suwannaphum – from Sanskrit – Su (good) Warna (colour) = Gold and then Bhumi – Earth. So it literally means Golden place on Earth or Golden Earth.

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