Languages: Thai, Mandarin Chinese

เหนือชั้นรอบโลก ที่ประเทศไต้หวัน สจวท เจ ราช พาไปพบ สาวๆ แต่งตัวเซ็กซี่แต่ขายหมาก??

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We shot this story between Taipei and Tai Chung in Taiwan. There are a few reasons why we chose this story:

  1. The women in many of the stalls were HOT … always a good thing for TV
  2. Many Thais when seeing the picture (ok – maybe not just Thais) when they see skimpily clad young maidens touting cars to stop and buy something, something other than Betel Nuts comes to mind
  3. In Thailand, the practice of chewing on Betel nuts is relegated to the old grannies and granpas up country – conjures up pictures of old black / toothless ladies and men. In Taiwan, even young people still chew the nuts.

There are more stories coming from Taiwan – Stay Tuned!