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Getting Past the Squiggles - Hanacaraka
Click to View “Stuart Jay Raj – Help Preserve Javanese, Balinese and other Bahasa Daerah Indonesia – Hanacaraka It’s Faster for Some to Learn to Read than Others Over the years living in Thailand,
Producing the Initial 'Ng' /ŋ/ in Asian Languages
[![]( "kogneit spiral yellow two tone")]( initial 'ng' /ŋ/ sound in many Asian languages is
NAUGHTY  N.A.A.T.I Interpreter Exam- An Interpreter's Nightmare
R.I.P. Stuart Jay Raj’s NAATI Professional Level 3 Thai Interpreters Exam 19th of August, 2010 [![Jay NAATI Nightmare]( "Jay NAATI Nightmare"
Language - Weapon of Choice for Propaganda and Disinformation
[![Jay Farsi Writing]( "Jay Farsi Writing")]( all this sabre-rattling over Iran, getting back into
Southern Thailand - The Jawi Language
Bahasa Jawi – ภาษายาวี – بهاس جاوي Chances are if you pick up a copy of today’s newspaper in Thailand, there will be something warranting a front page story coming from the south – and