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Danger in Getting Tattoos in Thai, Chinese, Arabic and other Foreign Scripts - Think Before you Ink
Business in Asia
Getting Tattoos in Thai, Chinese, Arabic and other Foreign Scripts is Dangerous - Think Before You Ink Getting a tattoo in Chinese characters, or using Thai, Khmer or even Arabic writing may seem
Pronouncing Initial 'Ng' /ŋ/ like in Vietnamese Surname Nguyễn, Thai, Indonesian and other Asian Languages
Try saying these words - Nguyen, Ngan, Ngoai, Ngoh, Ngoi, Ngai, Nggak, Ngopi, Ngerti, Ngut-ngit, Ngi-ngau. Imagine living in Vietnam with 38% of the population having the surname Nguyên, and not being able
How to Make Your Own Audio Spaced Repetition Language Learning Files for Free
Language and Mind Mastery
By the end of this article, you will have all the tools available to automatically generate your own customised multi-lingual audio, spaced-repetition vocabulary learning training files as well as physical flash cards to
Chinese Language Demystified - Ultimate Learner’s Beginner Tutorial
Chinese tones, grammar, pronunciation, Hanyu Pinyin, Characters - Hanzi 汉字(漢字), developing a good vocabulary and even whether or not you should have a Chinese name  - and if so, what TYPE of
Chinese English Thai - Language Reveals Another World Hidden in Plain View - Same Sign Different Message
How do You Know What You Are Experiencing is Also What Everyone Else Around You Is? So many expats that I meet in China, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries around the region tell
How to Become 'Gifted' at Learning Languages - You're Never too Old
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