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"I'll see you on my furry this evening" - The Conundrum of Transliterating English 'er' into Thai'
"I'll see you on my furry this evening" - This might sound like the introduction to an 'R'-rated story, but this in fact was the parting sentence that led to a
Pirated DVD's and Thai Translations Gone Astray
It’s no secret that Thailand is a haven for pirated goods.  Handbags, Clothes, Accessories, Electronic Devices and of course Software and DVD’s. There are many different grades of ‘fakes’ too – cheap
Taxi Thai 1 - Taking a Taxi Can be Just Like Groundhog Day
When asking foreigners that have been in Thailand for any reasonable amount of time “How’s your Thai?”, I often hear the answer “Oh, I speak a bit of Taxi Thai and that’
Tinglish Without Toil - Stuart Jay Raj 18th May 2005
Swee Sar Pok Wee’ Flai Lai – What’s in an accent? My grandfather used to tell me “When you’re learning a language, you want to try your best to avoid having speakers
Small Business Success in Siam - Culture is King? (From August 8 2006)
In October 2004, I was standing chatting with a group of Thai business owners at an Australian Chamber of Commerce networking evening at a five-star hotel here in Bangkok. As I turned to
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