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How to Pronounce Unaspirated 'p', 't' and 'k' Correctly - Particularly for English Speakers
There are two topics that recur month after month in all of the Thai language online groups that I follow. The first is whether or not the Thai letter ก should be transliterated
You're Pronouncing 'D' Wrong- How to Sound Less Like A Foreigner in Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish and Javanese
Learning a new language can be confusing sometimes. No matter how hard we listen and how hard we try, there are often times where native speakers struggle to understand what we are trying
How to Develop Thought Fluency in a Foreign Language
One of the most powerful skills you as a language learner could hope to develop is the ability to think directly in the language that you’re learning without having to go through
Thai, Khmer, Indian ... Same Same?
Over the weekend I had the privilege to present to a group of around 100 expat Indians working in the Engineering and Technology sectors in Thailand.  I had spoken to the group a
How to Become 'Gifted' at Learning Languages - You're Never too Old (Revisited)
“That’s O.K. for you – you’re ‘gifted’ when it comes to learning languages …. but what about us normal folk? How are we supposed to learn a new language when we don’
How to Make Your Own Audio Spaced Repetition Language Learning Files for Free
Language and Mind Mastery
By the end of this article, you will have all the tools available to automatically generate your own customised multi-lingual audio, spaced-repetition vocabulary learning training files as well as physical flash cards to
Automatic Teller Machine Hacks - Getting More from your ATM
Are You Willing To Do What It Takes to Learn a Language? Two days ago I was giving a presentation entitled ‘Rebooting Your Mind to Learn [pick-a-language]’ to a group of 100 expats
Southern Thailand - The Jawi Language
Bahasa Jawi – ภาษายาวี – بهاس جاوي Chances are if you pick up a copy of today’s newspaper in Thailand, there will be something warranting a front page story coming from the south – and
Your Dog Can Help Coach Your Tones when Learning a Tonal Language
“You Speak So Well!” Have you ever been learning a language like Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese and received a compliment in the very beginning stages along the lines of “You speak so well!
Cringeworthy Bad Google Translate Fails Explained
What on earth could possibly translate into “Today’s mother cooking something to eat some rats”, or “Like a chicken in rats with”? Yesterday this cringeworthy excerpt from a Thai English language learning
The Korean 한글 Han-gul Indian Connection and My Personal Language Learning Operating System
(Before you watch the clip – my apologies for the Korean typo in the rendering – it should be 한글 )Language DNA What do Korean, Tibetan, Chinese, Spanish and Danish have in common? This clip
Why Do Many Asian Languages Mix Up ‘R’ and ‘L’?
Why do many Asian languages have difficulties differentiating 'l' and 'r'?While it might have been funny (for the time), the whole issue of ‘r’ and ‘l’ is a fascinating one when it
Chinese English Thai - Language Reveals Another World Hidden in Plain View - Same Sign Different Message
How do You Know What You Are Experiencing is Also What Everyone Else Around You Is? So many expats that I meet in China, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries around the region tell
Getting Past the Squiggles - Hanacaraka
Click to View “Stuart Jay Raj – Help Preserve Javanese, Balinese and other Bahasa Daerah Indonesia – Hanacaraka It’s Faster for Some to Learn to Read than Others Over the years living in Thailand,
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