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48 Pali and Sanskrit Root Words in Thai to Give you even More Thai Language Super Powers
Take a look at the following words in English and see if you can work out what they all have in common: pedestrian, podiatrist, pedestal, pedicure, pedal, path. FEET! If you're a native
20 Sanskrit and Pali Prefixes in Thai to give you Thai Language Superpowers - คำอุปสรรค 'kʰam upasak'
While the Thai language did not derive from Sanskrit (which is an Indo-european language akin to Latin and Greek), because of its cultural and religious history, there are an enormous amount of Sanskrit
Tinglish Without Toil - Stuart Jay Raj 18th May 2005
Swee Sar Pok Wee’ Flai Lai – What’s in an accent? My grandfather used to tell me “When you’re learning a language, you want to try your best to avoid having speakers
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