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Pronouncing Initial 'Ng' /ŋ/ like in Vietnamese Surname Nguyễn, Thai, Indonesian and other Asian Languages
Try saying these words - Nguyen, Ngan, Ngoai, Ngoh, Ngoi, Ngai, Nggak, Ngopi, Ngerti, Ngut-ngit, Ngi-ngau. Imagine living in Vietnam with 38% of the population having the surname Nguyên, and not being able
Polyglot Tradecraft 101 - Language and Seduction. A Casestudy in Thailand.
Neil Strauss
[![Stuart Jay Raj - Miss Universe Bahamas]( "Stuart Jay Raj - Miss Universe Bahamas")](
Mistakes People Make When Learning A Language
Have you ever spent weeks, months … even years learning a language only to have people still scratch their heads trying to figure out what you’re saying? .. Or even worse? How do you
Preparing to Master a Language
Pick a Language Any Language Over the past 2 weeks, I have received over 50 messages, comments and emails from people all over the world asking about how they should embark on learning
¿Cuál idioma? - How Important is being able to Speak English in Becoming Miss Universe?
Lights … Camera … [![Miss Universe Sashes]( "Miss Universe Sashes")]( looking ladies in flowing white sashes
How to Become 'Gifted' at Learning Languages - You're Never too Old
[![]( "wizard-in-wizard-of-oz")]( in this universe can be broken down into binary – 0′s and 1′
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