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Why Are Many Thais Afraid of Gheckos (jingjok)? And other Questions We've Always Wanted to Ask Each Other
South by Southeast (SXSE)
"What's the deal with picking food off of another person's plate?" "Why do people feel they need to correct my English?" "Is it REALLY true what all the guidebooks say about not touching
"I'll see you on my furry this evening" - The Conundrum of Transliterating English 'er' into Thai'
"I'll see you on my furry this evening" - This might sound like the introduction to an 'R'-rated story, but this in fact was the parting sentence that led to a
Danger in Getting Tattoos in Thai, Chinese, Arabic and other Foreign Scripts - Think Before you Ink
Business in Asia
Getting Tattoos in Thai, Chinese, Arabic and other Foreign Scripts is Dangerous - Think Before You Ink Getting a tattoo in Chinese characters, or using Thai, Khmer or even Arabic writing may seem
'Thai' ไทย Tattooed on Foreigner's Foot in Thailand - Who's to Blame, Tattooer or Tattooee?
The lady had the word ไทย 'Thai' tattooed inThai on her foot. “I wish someone would throw acid on her – that would show these uneducated people without couth to respect people” “I would like to splash acid in her face” “How would she feel if I put her country / name in the same place?”
Is Bullying An Essential Element for Maintaining Face Saving Cultures?
South by Southeast (SXSE)
Watch Wimintra Raj and Stuart Jay Raj now on South By Southeast SXSEIs Bullying an essential part of maintaining cultures that put a high importance on hierarchies, saving face and respecting 'powers that
Would you Date a Bar-Girl? - Survey Debrief
South by Southeast (SXSE)
Would you date a bar girl? What would you do if a potential business partner turned up to a business meeting with a bar girl? This past week a survey was conducted in
Hotels, Thais and Indians – No Room for Political Correctness
The Original Story Appears in Hotel Click here for full story. Several months ago, I was brought into a project in a high-end hotel in Bangkok that was a couple of
Southern Thailand - The Jawi Language
Bahasa Jawi – ภาษายาวี – بهاس جاوي Chances are if you pick up a copy of today’s newspaper in Thailand, there will be something warranting a front page story coming from the south – and
Mistakes People Make When Learning A Language
Have you ever spent weeks, months … even years learning a language only to have people still scratch their heads trying to figure out what you’re saying? .. Or even worse? How do you
Preparing to Master a Language
Pick a Language Any Language Over the past 2 weeks, I have received over 50 messages, comments and emails from people all over the world asking about how they should embark on learning
Pirated DVD's and Thai Translations Gone Astray
It’s no secret that Thailand is a haven for pirated goods.  Handbags, Clothes, Accessories, Electronic Devices and of course Software and DVD’s. There are many different grades of ‘fakes’ too – cheap
Taxi Thai 1 - Taking a Taxi Can be Just Like Groundhog Day
When asking foreigners that have been in Thailand for any reasonable amount of time “How’s your Thai?”, I often hear the answer “Oh, I speak a bit of Taxi Thai and that’
Small Business Success in Siam - Culture is King? (From August 8 2006)
In October 2004, I was standing chatting with a group of Thai business owners at an Australian Chamber of Commerce networking evening at a five-star hotel here in Bangkok. As I turned to
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