In order to put this clip together, I thought to myself "If I were to be learning Thai from scratch again, what advice would I give myself?" -

I tried to make it applicable to anyone learning Thai - from someone just wanting to impress the wait staff at the local Thai restaurant, to expats and even diplomats who will be posted in Thailand and need Thai to effectively communicate.

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Cracking Thai Fundamentals Online Course:
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Glossika spaced repetition:

Bingo Lingo - Thai in 10 Days

Learn Thai from a White Guy (Brett Whiteside)

Khun Benjawan Poomsan Becker's Paiboon Publishing Publications
Thai For Beginners
Thai for Intermediate Learners
Thai for Advanced Learners
Paiboon Dictionaries

Create your own subtitles and Dual language tools:
Google Translator toolkit

Happy Learning!

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