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Brice Pean General Manager Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel Beijing Brice Pean
General Manager
Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel Beijing


I have been doing a series of interviews lately for Hotelier Herald’s ( Hotelier on the Grill program.

It’s been fascinating meeting some of the top hoteliers from all over the world and finding that many of them are fellow polyglots and ended up taking this career path as a result of their ability with languages.

In this interview, I speak to Mr. Brice Pean who will be opening the enormous Yanqi Lake Kempinsky Hotel, Beijing in a few months. The hotel is over 14,000sqm – so big, that rather than ‘GM’, they call him ‘The Mayor’.

We will be rolling these interviews out each week with fascinating people from all over the world.

Jump over to the main Hotelier Herald Channel to read the transcript, download the Audio and see more Background on Brice

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Who’s On The Grill?

In this episode, taped at the ITB Asia 2013 Travel Industry conference in Singapore, we meet Brice Pean – a French German Hotelier who has been in the Business for over 26 years and with his team, is about to open the brand new Yanqi Lake Kempinsky Hotel (北京雁栖湖凯宾斯基饭店Běijīngyànqīhúkǎibīnsījīfàndiàn) 60km outside of Beijing, China.

The hotel is enormous – over 14,000 sqm, with the largest function facilities in the whole of China.

Hear how Brice first cut his teeth in the industry in some of the most famous properties on the planet. Brice shares with us his secrets to success, as well as some of his darkest moments in his career.
The interview was conducted by Stuart Jay Raj and produced by Wimintra Jangnin.

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The Whitening of Asia

by Stuart Jay Raj on October 26, 2013

“I’m not Racist – It’s Just a Cultural Thing” …

Watch this video reel first that I have put together with English Subtitles -

Does Media Influence Culture, or is Media just a Reflection of Culture?

Bears Changing Colour over 10.4 Million WeeksI have run cultural workshops across Asia for over 15 years now. It never ceases to fascinate to see the different reactions that these kinds of commercials receive from different cultured audiences.

Many expats in Thailand don’t really watch Thai TV. When they do, while the visuals are often shocking, when you get the innuendo and the subtleties that only the language can provide, it is even more shocking … or maybe not.

I have put this reel together of four commercials to give the English speaking world a taste of what’s ‘par for the course’ when it comes to racial PC in Thailand.

I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions. If you would like to contact me, you can drop me an email via my website –

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Cracking Thai Fundamentals 2-Day Intensive Thai Language and Culture Workshop 23-24 Feb 2013 – Bangkok

February 8, 2013

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