Indic Consonant Compass – 12 Script

Indic Consonant Compass – 12 Script

This is a stand-alone module that you can take with you on the road. It is a fully interactive version of Stu’s Indic Consonant Compass which includes Thai, Devanagari (Sanskrit / Hindi / Nepali), Burmese, Khmer, Balinese, Javanese, Tamil, Grantha (Ancient Tamil), Panjabi, Tibetan and even the mother of them all, Brahmi.

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Stuart Jay Raj is a polyglot who specializes in the languages and dialects spoken in South East Asia and China. His talents have allowed him to earn a professional living as a simultaneous interpreter in Thai, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Indonesian, among others, providing language and cultural training for multinational companies in the region and hosting his own TV programme on Thailand's Channel 5. He holds a degree in Cognitive and Applied Linguistics from Griffith University and has become an expert in the field of language acquisition with a strong track record of success. Stuart's background knowledge of Sanskrit, Khmer, Lao and various Chinese dialects and minority languages enables him to present a fascinating and unique perspective on the Thai language which makes everything fall logically into place.
  • Stuart,

    Wow, what a pleasure to come across you!

    I’m working on my Putonghua at the moment, but expect to have Cantonese and Hindi in my future — although your note above has told me that I need to look into Brahmi. In any event, that’s a couple of years in the future.

    But it’s great to know you are here: ver-ree impressive. Well done!

    Very best wishes,


  • KateGladstone

    My husband and I are learning Korean. Where can we get a copy of the Stuart Ray Speech Glyphs Chart?