How do you Start Learning A Language? - The First 2 Weeks
Language and Mind Mastery
How long does it take to learn a language? How fast can you learn Russian?  How much language can you learn in two weeks? If you've been following my posts and YouTube videos
Surgery Damaged my Vocal Cords - My Biggest Linguistic Challenge Yet
One of the worst things that could ever happen to a linguist / polyglot / facilitator / musician has just happened do me.  Spinal surgery has resulted in my vocal nerve being badly damaged and as
BrainTalk - Wiring Your Kids' Brains for Success - Is there Need for School Anymore?
Language and Mind Mastery
Schools as we know them are dying. When we have all the knowledge in the world at our fingertips, why on earth do we send our kids to school?  Please hear me out
5 Business and Life Lessons from the Rubik's Cube
Language and Mind Mastery
In 1981, my grandfather called us excitedly to tell me that he'd done it! - It turns out that this phone call had a profound effect on the rest of my life -
Asian / Thai Baby Superstitions and Raising International Bilingual Kids - SXSE
South by Southeast (SXSE)
Would you put urine on your baby's tongue? Where is the line between culture, superstitions, religion, health and plain common sense?   SXSE - South by Southeast Episode 'Baby Superstitions' by Stuart Jay Raj
The Abacus - Turbo-charge Modern Brains With Ancient Tech
Language and Mind Mastery
Before you read any further, take a look at this clip - I hope it will inspire you - I'll show you how they do it below: (Hint - You don't need an
Mental Health isn't a 'Thing' in Asia
South by Southeast (SXSE)
Do Asians suffer from mental health issues? Is attributing Johnny's crappy behaviour to a 'mental illness' just a western thing and an easy way of excusing bad parenting? While in the west, talking
Pronounce it Right Joe Rogan - Huawei, Xiaomi, Muay Thai Andy 'Ngo' and 'Nguyen' 'NG' Names
Business in Asia
How should you REALLY pronounce 'Huawei' 华为 (華為)? Xiaomi 小米? - How about surnames starting in NG like 'Ng', 'Ngo' 吳 and 'Nguyen' 阮? - And what about Muay Thai (มวยไทย)? Some people
5 Things I H̶a̶t̶e̶ Strongly Dislike About Living in SE Asia
South by Southeast (SXSE)
In our last clip Wimintra and I looked at the 5 top things we love about living in Thailand and SE Asia in general.  In this clip, we look on the darker side
Thai Spiciness Levels
Asking for 'Not too spicy' and still getting Nuclear level spicy? - Maybe you're saying it wrong. This issue has come up twice this past week with 2 foreigners learning Thai who finally
5 Things That will Blow You Away Living in SE Asia and Why We Love Living Here
South by Southeast (SXSE)
'Hi - you're fat! - How can I help you?' - Political correctness in SE Asia is very different to what you might find in some western countries these days - and
China is Too Big Too Ignore - China Digital Marketing 101
Business in Asia
Foreign hotel brands are failing when it comes to marketing to China.I have recently done some research into how hotels in SE Asia, Europe and the United states are managing their Chinese
You Don't Know Your Own Company's Name?
Business in Asia
"How is it possible that you don't even know your own hotel's name?" As part of the research for our 'Marketing To China' series, we examined thousands of comments left by
If you Don't Like it Here - Then Go Home! Is it Ever Okay to be Critical?
cross cultural
From China to Thailand - is it ever okay to be critical of your host country as a foreigner / expat? This past week, a Frenchman in Thailand was reprimanded for making a music

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