Asian Names - Use them Correctly - Power of Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and Other Names in Asia
Business in Asia
Names in Asia are more than just a label.  People may be called different things depending on who they're speaking to, or what the occasion is.  In this first episode of 'Getting names
Say My Name - Names and Hierarchy in Thailand - Don't Screw It Up
South by Southeast (SXSE)
What's in a Name? When it comes to Thai names, they are particularly loaded. Every Thai will have a First Name, Last Name and a Nick Name? Which one should you use? What
Chinese Language Demystified - Ultimate Learner’s Beginner Tutorial
Chinese tones, grammar, pronunciation, Hanyu Pinyin, Characters - Hanzi 汉字(漢字), developing a good vocabulary and even whether or not you should have a Chinese name  - and if so, what TYPE of
Dating Thai Women - A Guide to Thai Dating Etiquette
South by Southeast (SXSE)
When you take a Thai Woman out, where does SHE really want to go? What should you order? What should you talk about? Should you take her home? Intimate on the first date?
Thai Food and Thais - Everything You Need To Know
South by Southeast (SXSE)
What's the best topic to talk about when you're with a bunch of Thais? What's a sure fire way of destroying the atmosphere in a Thai office?  What do Thais eat when they
What's the Easiest and Fastest Way to Learn the Thai Language?
In order to put this clip together, I thought to myself "If I were to be learning Thai from scratch again, what advice would I give myself?" -I tried to make it applicable
How to Win an Argument with T̶h̶a̶i̶ ̶A̶s̶i̶a̶n̶ Women
South by Southeast (SXSE)
I was ambushed into doing this clip by Wimintra as she mentioned that she would like to do a clip on 'How to Win an Argument with Asian Women'.  I was excited as
5 Ways to not be a Dick in Asia - Wag the Dragon
Business in Asia
If your local staff in Asia were free to tell you - the foreign management ANYTHING without fear of any negative repercussions, what would they say?  Before you watch this clip, put your
Western Compliance NOT Culturally Compliant
Business in Asia
I received my briefing from a regional level representative of a large blue-chip US based company that was under order to ‘get to the bottom of things’ after 4 ‘HiPo’ alerts were raised
Cultural Landmines in Asia - How to Defuse them BEFORE Losing a Limb
Business in Asia
There is no money in speaking languages. Particularly in this part of the world (Asia), it sometimes feels like the more languages you speak, the less money you stand to make. That is
What Words Should I Learn First When Learning a Language?
Language and Mind Mastery
How Should You Start Learning A Language? When you learn a language, should you be learning individual words from graded word lists, or should you be learning full sentences with words in context?
Automatic Teller Machine Hacks - Getting More from your ATM
Are You Willing To Do What It Takes to Learn a Language? Two days ago I was giving a presentation entitled ‘Rebooting Your Mind to Learn [pick-a-language]’ to a group of 100 expats
How to Become 'Gifted' at Learning Languages - You're Never too Old (Revisited)
“That’s O.K. for you – you’re ‘gifted’ when it comes to learning languages …. but what about us normal folk? How are we supposed to learn a new language when we don’
Thai, Khmer, Indian ... Same Same?
Over the weekend I had the privilege to present to a group of around 100 expat Indians working in the Engineering and Technology sectors in Thailand.  I had spoken to the group a